This is the important moment to seize and the chance you’ll have to increase your speed. If you miss the wake or overtake it you won’t reach your maximum speed and might even be thrown off of the wakeboard.

When the rope tightens it’s important not to let go or to let it yank your arms which will damage your joints. You need to be ready and expecting the tug to happen and should brace for it appropriately. Keep your elbows as close to your body as you can and bend your arms to 90 degrees (this is the strongest position you can have them at and will allow you to pull yourself or release yourself as you need to). This is also the position taught in martial arts as the strongest you arm can be so won’t fail you when using it to hold yourself upright and stay behind the boat. The handle should be nicely close to your navel or chest at this point and you should be leaning slightly forward into it – leaning backwards might cause the wakeboard to get too far ahead of your centre of gravity and will limit how fast you can go.


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