At the same time you should make sure your knees are bent. Again this will help with balance and stability and will also keep you lower to the board which will make you more aerodynamic and reduce the drag coefficient (your body should also be bent slightly over to make yourself lower too). The lower your center of gravity the faster you will go and the harder it will be to fall off. Furthermore if you were to fall, then having your knees bent would prevent you from hurting your legs and this is especially important in the rare case that your feet don’t get released from the wakeboard.

At this point your eyes should be fixed on the horizon rather than looking up or down. This will help you to balance and to focus and will keep the rest of your body in line. You will now begin to progress along the edge harder into the wake. The fastest part of the pull should be at the top of the wake. This will increase your speed greatly and once you’ve adjusted your balance it should be fairly easy to remain at the top. Now simply allow the boat and the rope to do the work and to pull you constantly along the wave. Ensure that you adjust yourself appropriately as you go round turns etc. These beginner wakeboarding tips should help you to achieve and maintain a fast top speed on your wakeboard but should also ensure you stay safe and secure and limit your chance of an injury. Watching wakeboarding videos is another important way to learn how to correctly stand and pick up beginner wakeboarding tips.


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