Wakeboarding is an exciting and exhilarating activity that anyone can enjoy. However when you first start it can feel fairly tricky and if you don’t generate the speed it can be disappointing. One of the most early wakeboarding tips for beginners then is to be able to build up speed. What you will need for this is all of the basics: a tow boat to tug you along across the water, the wakeboard for you to stand on and balance (probably the most fundamental and important element), a life vest to make sure you won’t sink should you get hurt and fall off your wakeboard, and finally a tow rope to connect you and your tow boat together. If you have all these things then you’re ready to begin and to learn to go faster when barefoot waterskiing.

First of all, make sure you start off wide outside the wake (the wave caused by the boat which is what you’ll be riding on your board).  From here you need to wait for the tow rope to tighten as the boat starts to pull you towards the wake.


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