The reason for this is that wakeboarding involves (as the name suggests) riding the ‘wake’ of the boat, and here the word wake is used to mean the large wave that it creates as it goes through the water (wake is now something we use as part of our colloquial lexicon as a result). This wake then is necessary for wakeboarding to be possible, and fortunately fat sacs allow you to create a much greater wake as they can weigh down the end of the oat Add more ballast to the end and you make the wave created larger and this can be great for making wakeboarding conditions.
Of course if your watersport of choice means you are actually driving the boat then being able to stick to the surface of the water like this will bring its own rewards – for instance you should find it means that you travel faster across the water as you aren’t jumping over waves. You can then add or remove more fat sacs and ballast depending on how heavy you want the boat to be, what the weather is like, and what your purpose for having them is at tat time. Being able to change the weight of the boat this way means that it becomes far more flexible and adaptable and means one boat can be used for almost any situation.


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