Fat sacs and ballast are useful purchases in many different types of watersport such as wakeboarding, waterskiing, speed boating and barefoot waterskiing. In fact any sport that utilises a boat or tow boat as a crucial part of the experience will benefit from fat sacs and ballast.
The aim of fat sacs is to weigh down the boat they are in. This can mean to weigh them down on just one side in order to prevent them swaying around, or to weigh the boat down in general in order to make it more able to cut through the waves rather than bouncing over them. Of course any swaying or bouncing on the part of the boat would result in the tow rope doing the same and this compromises its capacity to provide stability for the person on the other end. Fat sacs help to keep the boat steady which then makes the act of wakeboarding, waterskiing or whatever else far easier as a result. Wakeboarding especially however benefits even more from wakeboarding.


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