This is again a more ‘advanced’ feature allowing for you to switch directions easily and again to land more easily from tricks. The majority of boards today are twin tipped.

Wakeboards are generally between 120-150 centimetres in length. The width meanwhile is normally between 38-44 centimetres. Again different boards will be suited to different levels of wakeboarders. Here longer boards are better for those new to the sport as they prefer more stability. Meanwhile shorter boards are better for jumping and doing tricks as they are lighter. At the same time however your weight will affect the type of wakeboard you choose to use with the longer wakeboards being able to hold larger and heavier individuals.

At the same time you will want to pick a wakeboard that you like the looks of. This means picking one with a nice colour and pattern, as well as one that you think look durable and safe. This should be your companion on the water for a long time to come, so think long and hard when picking the right one.


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