Finally the water sports such as wakeboarding and barefoot waterskiing are simply fun. You’ll be moving  at high speeds and leaping over waves and rarely are you likely to feel more like James Bond. With the wind rushing through your hair, if you have a thing for adrenaline then these sports will more than satisfy that craving. At the same time they also provide room for improvement while being accessible, meaning that anyone can get started but that they’ll also be incredibly rewarding as you develop over time. If you’re looking for a great hobby that you can start that will offer you constant challenges and lots of chance for development then this could be just the thing you need (it’s also a great way to take your mind off your problems as you’re whizzing past the horizon). As you get better it will also look better and you can be sure to impress any onlookers who are bound to stop to watch. In this way here are sports that have real reward.

That’s still not all the benefits of a sport like waterskiing though, and as though all that wasn’t enough you also get the amazing muscle toning benefits of the sports themselves. Here you are required to hold on tight to the rope connecting you to the boat and pull yourself in. At the same time your mid-section works in overtime to ensure that you manage to balance on your board or on the water-skis. This means that when you come in from the beach you’ll have had a great abs workout and arms workout. On top of that is the fact that anything like waterskiing or wakeboarding also involves a whole lot of swimming and that of course is one of the very best resistance exercises that also doesn’t include any heavy impact (which is bad for joints). Whether you’re doing waterskiing or wakeboarding you can be sure to end up with a surfer’s or a swimmer’s body and at the same time you will improve your strength and your endurance and generally get a full workout every time you go.

The location is also great for other things whether you’re barefoot waterskiing or wakeboarding. Firstly of course you get the fantastic views and this can really help you feel relaxed and peaceful while you’re windsurfing or wakeboarding and doing jumps. Afterwards too when you’ve finished your sports, what better location to relax and watch other people – sit on the beach with a pint of beer, or head into a beach-front café and watch the sea. These amazing views also mean that you will be in position for some great photographs or videos of the action – photos of you leaping through the air on a board in front of some islands or the horizon for example will look great on your walls. Of course being on the beach also means there will be lots of people watching your wakeboarding and waterskiing and as it will look so exciting you can be sure that this is a great way to potentially pick up dates.

Water sports are, as the name suggests, sports that take place on the water. This includes such things as waterskiing, barefoot waterskiing, jetskiing, surfing, windsurfing and more. Of course each water sport varies greatly in how you do it and each has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. However they do all share some common links and there are some universal points that make water sports in general great activities for so many people.

The first great thing about water sports is that they are outdoors, and not just outdoors but on the sea. What this means is that you’ll be in the sun and the wind with great fresh sea air lapping on your face and paddling about in the fresh sea water. This has countless health benefits: being fresh air it will help you to get a good night’s sleep, being salty it will act as a disinfectant and kill off any germs or bacteria (it’s great for if you have an open wound), it means you’ll be in the sun getting a tan and it means you’ll have a soft landing if you should fall off.

Wakeboard ballast is essentially an additional weight that you use inside your boat in order to ensure it is correctly weighted and to help it cut through the waves rather than bouncing on top of them. This is very important to a beginner when wakeboarding as it means that the boat will be more stable and so the rope will swing around less and stay taut. As such they will be able to ride across the water and do jumps etc more easily without being thrown about by the boat as it rocks.

Thus the two main items you will need to look into as a beginner at wakeboarding are the wakeboard itself and ballast/fat sacks. On top of these are the obvious things such as a wetsuit that will keep you warm and healthy (and mean you can wakeboard in any weather), sun cream, a towel and probably a camera to capture some of your more exciting and fantastic moments. With that you’re ready to get started and can begin adding to your equipment or buying more advanced items as you progress.

As soon as you are able to balance on your wakeboard then it is advisable to switch to a lighter and smaller wakeboard in order to be able to start trying tricks and turns. If when you are purchasing your first wakeboarding equipment as a beginner you have the fortune of being able to afford two separate wakeboards, then getting a heavier and a lighter one could be a good decision. A final point to consider is that your size and weight will also come into play when you are choosing your wakeboard, and if you are very heavy then a smaller and lighter wakeboard won’t be able to support your weight. Make sure then that your wakeboard is at least wide enough to ensure you can balance on it.

Speaking of weight, ballast or fat sacks are also very important for the beginner when wakeboarding (and are also useful for other water sports such as waterskiing).

The first and most obvious piece of equipment involved in wakeboarding is the wakeboard itself. A good wakeboard should satisfy various different factors, being large enough to provide a good surface area for the wake boarder to stand on and light enough to make jumps easy. When choosing your wakeboard then it very much comes down to your individual size and shape as well as your level of expertise. If you are a beginner then and are having difficulties balancing on your wakeboard, you should look into getting a larger/wider wakeboard in order to make balancing easier and prevent yourself from falling over or into the water.

At the same time though, a larger and wider wakeboard is going to obviously be heavier than a smaller and narrower one. This means that jumps become more difficult both for beginners and for the more experienced wake boarder.

Wakeboarding is an exciting and challenging sport that anyone can enjoy but that takes years to master. While you don’t need any previous experience to start jumping over waves and being pulled across the water at high speeds, it takes a while before you can start jumping and doing twists and spins in the air. Of course this is part of what makes wakeboarding fun and challenging, though it’s not unusual at the start to feel impatient. Fortunately if you buy the right equipment for beginners you can make it a bit easier to begin and give yourself a better chance to get started jumping and pulling off some of the more impressive moves.

Buying the right equipment is always important in wakeboarding then, but it becomes doubly so for beginners who are going to be particularly sensitive to the equipment they’re using.

The uses are endless and for any wakeboarding or waterskiing fanatic a good camera can be a great and constant companion. Look into getting a small one that is waterproof and shockproof so that you can take it with you without fear of it getting damaged. If you get one that’s truly water and shock proof you can even fasten it round your neck and use it to take photos as you’re wakeboarding.

Sun Cream: Of course when you’re wakeboarding or barefoot waterskiing you’ll have a wetsuit on most of the time, but that doesn’t protect your hands or face – both of which are just as susceptible to getting burned if they’re in the sun for extended periods. This can not only hurt at the time, but increase your chances of skin cancer in the long-run, so ensure you find a good high-protection and waterproof sun lotion and use it whenever you’re going wakeboarding or jetskiing.

Towel: It’s obvious but that doesn’t mean that people always remember it – so try to ensure you always bring along a towel with you when you’re participating in water sports so that you can dry yourself down after a long day on the water.

Okay so you have your wet suit, you have your wakeboard, you have your fat sacks, and you consider yourself pretty much ready to go and to get started with your water sports. However that’s certainly not all you need, and if you’re going to be wakeboarding or barefoot waterskiing then likely this is going to take more than a few hours and will constitute an entire ‘day out’ at the beach meaning there are lots of other things you can benefit from. Here are some other things you might want to invest in/remember to take with you if you’re going to be wakeboarding or waterskiing.

Camera – Okay so it’s not essential, but if you’re going to be wakeboarding or waterskiing then you are likely to be travelling at high speeds and pulling off some amazing moves and jumps – all of which would look great caught on camera. These photos can then be enlarged and printed out of canvases to go on your wall or on your website/Facebook page, or you can turn the videos into montages (or ‘samplers’ as they’re often known online) and put them on YouTube.