However the downside to a longer and wider board is that they are heavier and this in turn means that it’s more difficult to use them to do tricks and jumps which means as you progress you might want to move onto a smaller board.

This means that if you are intending on keeping the same board for a long time on your wakeboarding career, that you might want to purchase a smaller board in order to be able to keep the same one as you get better. This also means that you might want to look into a medium sized board which will have many of the advantages of both sizes – being slightly easier but meaning you are also better able to do tricks. Bear in mind that when you change to a different board the shock can be quite a lot to get used to and if you downsize a lot this will affect your performance detrimentally.

Finally you need to consider you size and here the board will essentially reflect the size of the user. With a bigger person there will be more weight and force and thereby a larger surface area will be required to distribute the weight.


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