If you are interested in starting wakeboarding then you will probably want to buy your own board in order to get started and to practice and to add your own personal flair to your hobby with a wakeboard you can call your own. This will be your companion through the rest of your hobby and the two of you will hopefully become quite a team on the water.

However if you are just starting then it can be hard to know exactly what kind of wakeboard to buy and what in fact makes a good wakeboard. Here we’ll discuss the different options and how to choose a board that will be suited to you and your level of expertise.

The first choice you’re going to have to make is whether you want a small board or a big board. There are many different reasons that each is more appropriate, but as a general rule as a beginner you will want a bigger and longer wakeboard.

The reason for this is that larger wakeboards provide more stability and mean you’re less likely to fall off your board while you’re learning.


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