You save money: The fact that you don’t have any equipment means that it’s very cheap to learn to barefoot. Here you won’t need to invest in an expensive wakeboard or waterskiis and instead can just go right for it.

You feel the water on your feet: It’s also quite nice to feel more ‘at one’ with the water. As a sensation there’s little better than having the water rushing against your feet, and at the same time this can help you to pull off more impressive feats in a way as you know where you are in relation to the waves and the sea at all times. This way you really get to experience the water and how it affects your sport.

It’s less dangerous: Water sports are great in that they are a lot safer than other extreme sports – the sea acting like some kind of giant crash mat for any time you should fall over. At the same time though there are still definitely some inherent risks, but most of these come from the threat of hitting the equipment itself.


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