Barefoot waterskiing does what it says on the tin. If you learn to barefoot you will be ‘waterskiing’ without a waterski. What this means is that you will be being pulled behind the boat and using only your feet to cut through the water and to balance upright. There are many reasons to take up any watersport, but barefoot skiing has some distinct advantages of its own. Here we’ll look at some of the best reasons to learn to barefoot waterski.

You can do it anytime: With barefoot waterskiing you don’t need any of your own equipment. This means that if you come across a beach that provides watersport opportunities, you can then have a go right away even if you haven’t brought anything with you. This makes it more spontaneous in a way and means you’re always ready.

You have less to carry: And when you do set out to go barefoot waterskiing you can walk down to the beach or get the bus with no need to carry a large wakeboard over your shoulder making it much easier.


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