This involves holding a barbell over your shoulders and then squatting down as though sitting in an invisible chair before standing back up, and this is one of the best ways to improve your overall muscle tone, fitness and balance.
Compound means that you are using several muscles together rather than training each muscle on its own – which is more how you use them in real life. While the squat will work as a compound movement, the best way to train for those muscles is to practice that actual movement. Specifically then you need to practice balancing but in a more ‘hardcore’ way to condition your muscles to be able to cope with whatever the sea can throw at you. A balance bored is perfectly designed for this and offers one of the very greatest core workouts around. Simply stand on a wobbly board – literally as though you were on a surfboard or wakeboard, and then try to stay upright while performing a range of movements on it. To use it even more effectively you can even try do other workouts on it – for example bicep curls while standing on the balance board.


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