Wakeboarding, barefoot waterskiing and ‘regular’ waterskiing all have something in common – they all involve the need to be able to balance. This is something that requires a great, strong mid section (that meaning you abdominals, lower spine and obliques) as well as fine control of the smaller muscles in your legs and the rest of your body. Meanwhile it also requires you to be able to balance well by paying attention to your position in space and your orientation which is something handled by the fine hairs in your ear.
Thankfully there are some easy ways to improve your balance and your coordination, both of which will make wakeboarding or waterskiing much easier. One way to do this is of course by strengthening those core muscles that are used in balancing, for example with sit ups, twisting sit ups, crunches and other such exercises. You should also train the muscles in the legs in order to get these more sensitive to the slight movements you will have to make.
Any explosive movements (plyometrics) such jumping or running will help to train these fast twitch muscle fibres and help you to be able to more quickly adjust. Meanwhile squatting is a compound movement that can help you to strengthen your legs and core as well as their ability to work together in unison.


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