The central concept in wakeboarding then is to ‘ride’ on top of the wake by navigating your wakeboard on to it as well as then letting it help to push your board onward. As the boat quickens up then you must move toward the top of the wake plus try to remain there as long as you can.
If you do not steer onto the wake, then you shall come across the rough areas of sea plus different other problems which can cause you to flip or get unsteady and off your wakeboard.
For the jumps you shall be utilising a bit of an alternative technique to jump on and land on the water. Of course, whilst your wakeboard will provide a basic amount of surface area; it can nevertheless still push down under the surface of the water as well as that would then mean you are not ‘pushing off of’ the water as much as pushing yourself downwards. Instead then, the intention is to take the bulk of your weight and force on the rope subsequently to use just a pressing motion on the wakeboard before pulling your knees up to meet your chest with the wakeboard of course attached.


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