A large board then would be easier for learning wakeboarding, but if you feel you would be unable to upgrade it at a later date then this will stand in your way when it is time to start doing tricks and to begin progressing your technique. Of course the best scenario is to own both to thus promote yourself from a bigger wakeboard to a thinner board as you improve.
Also an essential purchase is to get boots that fit you comfortably and that strap on to the wakeboard. These must add support to your ankles, as well as to you maintain balance to accidents. The rest of the essential gear you should be able to hire out such as the tow boat the tow rope with the winch. There are some optional tools that are handy for wakeboarding for starters. Wakeboarding ballast is highly useful and there are multiple makes of this wakeboard ballast you can purchase such as Moomba ballast, Malibu ballast or a range of different ones.
Any ballast or fat sacs though do the same thing, which is to be put in the tow boat in a bid to weight it down. This then ensures that it sways around less and is not as likely to bounce when it strikes the waves. For a rider who is new to the wakeboarding scene, stability for the vehicle will be even more beneficial to ensure that they are not as likely to be pulled over.


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