Look for Malibu ballast or other fat sac makes then to aid you in stabilising the boat, especially if there is rough weather and you want to ride at the beach. A wet suit is also very helpful to allow you to remain dry if you topple over in the water – if you happen to be a beginner to wakeboarding then you should realise this will be happening often… But it’s all part of the learning experience!

Before you begin to wakeboard you would do well to look at starting to get a feel for the activity. Luckily though this doesn’t necessarily mean traipsing to the beach regularly – you can have a go at the basics of the sport without always having to be in the sea, and this is convenient as it will not always be easy to journey to a beach, get all of your equipment out and your clothes changed and then practice in a short space of time, and it won’t always be suitable weather for watersports either. You are therefore looking for ways to be able to try wakeboarding in more practical surroundings and preferably in doors in order to get a feel as well as learn to wakeboard well. So some ways to do this we shall look at here.


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