What wakeboarding really needs though is a good amount of balancing ability; as well as a kind of ‘connection’ to the board so that you intuitively know where it is in space. One way to do training to develop this is to try practicing on a skateboard or a longboard etc. Which although different, provides you the essential sensation of wakeboarding on land so you will not have to get wet or changed into a wet suit. You can this way train in your back garden or a skate park where it will be far more practical and easy. Not all people as they get older will be in to the idea of going out skateboarding though, even if they do enjoy water sports – the two truly are different (there are no waves and no water in a skate park, and you have to wear pads and things that can feel quite juvenile on a skateboard). An even more simple way to learn to train to balance on a wakeboard then is to use an exercise balance board. This will give you something to emulate the feeling of standing on a board on choppy waves with and will develop the core ab muscles etc. Likewise you might want to try investing in the Nintendo Wii and its Wii Fit game and board. This has sensors in it that tell you whether you are central or not.


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