When selecting the wakeboard you need to take into account your general newbie status as well as your size and weight; keep an eye on the future too to ensure that your board will last a long time and will be suitable as you progress. In doing this the simple guideline is that the larger (wider) the board is, the simpler it will be to balance on. This ensures that for starters, a large board is easier as it will be far less likely to fall when you go around turns and weave between tings. At the time a bigger surface area is for helping to distribute bigger weight across the surface of the water, so if you happen to be very tall or a bit overweight, then a bigger board is once again sensible. If however you know that you are only likely to be able to pay for one wakeboard and won’t be able to upgrade though, then a smaller, thinner board might be the wiser choice. This is because a thinner wakeboard is better for performing stunts and jumps as well as is obviously far lighter so simpler to pull up from the water in a jump.


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