barefoot shoe skis foot skis

Barefoot International Foot Skis

Barefoot International Foot Skis

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Barefoot International Foot Skis B115 / B116

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These Barefoot International “foot skis” allow you to reduce the boat speed between 15 & 25 mph, and learn different barefoot maneuvers faster with fewer falls at slower speeds. Then remove the skis and already have a better feel for the maneuver you’ve been practicing with the skis.


WARNING: ONLY Use The Easy Footer Swing (part # B228) With Barefoot International Booms!!! Other Booms can break over time [Using The Easy Footer Swing (B228)] Due To Their Inferior Construction.

Watch This Video Below To See The World’s Strongest Man vs. The World’s Strongest Barefoot Boom

(a Barefoot International Boom, of course)….

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