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The Complete Water Ski Boom Buying Guide

Thanks for your information regarding your boat. Here are some facts about our Barefoot International water ski booms that will be helpful in making your decision.

#1 We guarantee that you will get the best barefoot boom in the world at the best price, guaranteed to fit your boat or your money back! See our guarantee at

#2 You get Free Shipping on any of our Barefoot International water ski booms in the U.S. For over seas orders, we now have greatly reduced pricing on shipping, and we quote each order separately based on your address. You will receive the best shipping price and will get that quote after we receive your shipping address.

#3 10% of all orders are good towards any lesson at The Footer’s Edge Training Center here in sunny Winter Haven, Florida.

#4 Lane will include his world famous No Fall DVD worth $40.00. It is guaranteed to teach you to barefoot water ski without falling. Lane is the #1 trainer for skill and safety in Barefoot Skiing around the world.

#5 In addition, we will give you access to free video lessons that are guaranteed to get you water skiing without falling in one hour, guaranteed;

Learn to get up on two skis without falling in one hour with our free videos at

Learn to get up on a wakeboard without falling in one hour with our free videos at

Learn to get up on a slalom ski in one hour without falling with our free videos at

Learn to barefoot water ski in one hour without falling with our free videos at


We look forward to helping you achieve your water skiing dreams. You can always email Lane at to get the advice you need to reach your barefoot goals, whether you are a customer or not.

Watch for World Champion Mike Seipel’s call or let us know at if he isn’t getting through to you to make sure we get the right boom for your specific boat.

#5 We have a toll free 24-hour equipment hotline in case you need questions or installation help at any time. That number is 877-221-2849
You can place your order over the Internet on the following link:
… Or call me to speak to a real person. My name is Aleda Bowers at 863-268-0111 or toll-free at 1-877-685-6270, x-8

Now enjoy our Complete Water Ski Boom Buyers Guide below to get all the facts you need to become an expert on buying the world’s best water ski boom.


Expect a Miracle
Lane "Dawg" Bowers


Barefoot Boom Solutions to Water Skiing Problems

If you are new to water skiing, you may not know what a barefoot boom is. But if you have ever been frustrated with trying to learn to get up on combo skis, a slalom ski, a kneeboard, or even on your bare feet, then you will want to listen closely. A barefoot boom could be your next purchase.

The Barefoot boom was invented as a device to help skiers learn to barefoot water ski not long after barefooting was invented, but it has been difficult to tell who was the first to use it since so many home made versions have been made. In 1981, Mike Seipel began manufacturing booms as his trademark way of getting people to learn to barefoot water ski safely.

This is your opportunity to become an armchair expert and get the insider information about barefoot booms that many companies do not want you to know. Booms are not created equal and I will attempt to tell you what you need to look for and what myths to avoid.

Myth number 1: The lighter the boom, the better it is because it is easier to set-up and take down.

Myth number 1: FALSE. Boom weight is determined by the construction. Lighter booms are constructed with hollow cores. What you want to look for is solid aircraft aluminum construction. Barefoot booms are subjected to a tremendous amount of pressure when used for teaching. The most important consideration for booms is safety and nothing short of a solid boom is acceptable. All Barefoot International water ski booms are solid aircraft aluminum construction.

Myth number 2: one cable connected to the bow is better than two.

Myth number 2: FALSE. Safety, safety, safety. I have tested every boom on the market. When a boom cable breaks because of construction, it is a terrifying moment whether a skier is attached or not. Two cables provide maximum security and safety. All Barefoot International water ski booms have always been made with two stainless steel cables all the way to the point of attachment. This ensures the greatest possible safety and security.

Warning: Never buy a boom that uses nylon straps to adjust the boom cable length. Barefoot International Water Ski Booms use two stainless steel cables all the way to the point of attachment.

Myth number 3: booms with quick-release lever-clamps and moving parts are better because the boom height can be adjusted with greater ease.

Myth number 3: FALSE. After testing every boom clamp on the market, the quick-release lever-clamp with moving parts takes about 30 seconds to adjust while a heavy-duty boom clamp takes about 15 seconds longer. My findings showed that after hundreds of adjustments, the flexing of the quick-release lever-clamp with moving parts weakens. On the other hand, the heavy-duty boom clamp provides the surest connection with the ski pylon with no deterioration over time.

All Barefoot International water ski booms have heavy-duty boom clamps without any levers or moving parts that could deteriorate. Each of our booms comes with a heavy-duty safe airline Quick Release Pin that allows you put the boom on and off in seconds without compromising safety.

By far the biggest consideration in a barefoot boom is safety. By getting the best barefoot boom you can find, you can then concentrate on learning and teaching others to ski. Barefoot booms are now being used to teach children and adults alike to kneeboard, combo ski, wakeboard, slalom, and barefoot. If you get the best water ski boom, it will last forever and you will become the go-to-guy for learning to water ski on your lake.

All Barefoot International water ski booms are guaranteed to be the best water ski booms in the world.


Insider Secrets to Choosing the Best Bare Foot Boom

If you have ever been water skiing, you most likely have struggled to learn or teach someone else. The real excitement begins when you try to learn to get up on combo skis, a slalom ski, a wakeboard, or even when you try to barefoot water ski. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that one way to dramatically accelerate the learning process is to use a bare foot boom.

The bare foot boom was originally designed to teach people to ski on your bare feet, but now it is used to minimize falling and injuries in all types of water skiing activities.

The boom is a round aircraft aluminum bar that extends from the boat perpendicular about 8-10 feet to either side. The boom creates a secure fixture that the skier can use for stability during the learning process. The boom dramatically increases skier confidence. Imagine how much better the skier feels when they can hear instructions while enjoying an upward stationary pull from the boom.

There are three parts to the barefoot boom;

1. the boom clamp which attaches the boom to the boat

2. the first 6-foot extension arm which attaches to the boom clamp by a pin

3. the second 6-foot extension arm which slides six inches inside the first 6-foot extension, extends outward, and has one or two cables that attach from the end of the boom to the bow eye on the front of the boat.

Choosing the best bare foot boom can be tricky. The first decision you will need to make is based on where you can attach it. If you have a tower, you can use a tower boom which clamps to the tower. If you have a boat designed for water skiing, you can use a standard boom, which attaches to a ski pylon which is a solid aluminum pole that extends through the floor of the boat up to a height of around 3-4 feet above the water level. If you do not have either of these attachment points, there is a boom called a gunnel mount boom which is designed to mount its clamp on the inside of either side of the boat and extends out the opposite side.

If you have a tower, then the only information you need is your tower tubing's outer diameter. If you are going to use a gunnel mount boom, you only need to decide where on your boat's gunnel you will attach it. Boats designed for water skiing all have ski pylons. The only information you will need is where your windshield ends in relation to the ski pylon on the side where your boom will go out.

If your boat's windshield ends in front of the pylon, you will need what is called a "straight boom." If your boom extends less than 8 inches past your pylon, then you need what is called a "universal contour boom." If your windshield extends more than 8 inches past your ski pylon, then you may need what is called a "quad boom." Since there are an incredible amount of variations in boat types, I recommend buying your boom from a dealer who guarantees that your boom will fit or they will buy it back.

Make sure that you do not let the complexities of figuring out which bare foot boom you need stop you from enjoying the benefits of safety and fun that comes from using one in your water skiing activities. Water skiing is an addictive family activity when you experience the exhilaration of learning without falling.

Imagine the fun of learning as well as teaching others to get up on combo skis at speeds as slow as 12mph, knee boarding at 8 mph, getting up on a slalom ski at 12-15mph, or barefooting at 25 mph. Not using a bare foot boom is probably the single biggest mistake that beginners make. Now that you know the insider secrets to choosing the right bare foot boom, you can jump straight to becoming an arm chair expert.


Insider Secrets to Buying a Contour Water Ski Boom

What is a contour water ski boom?

A contour water ski boom is used to teach water skiers, wakeboarders, kneeboarders, slalom skiers, and barefoot water skiers to learn without falling. A contour water ski boom has been bent to fit around side windshield frames and tower bases, and to get the boom clamp down below the taper that exists in a ski pylon.

To understand why there are contour booms, you need to know a little about ski pylon construction. Ski pylons are generally made from high quality aircraft aluminum, and are built into the construction of the boat in order to reinforce the pylon. These are for attaching a ski rope. They are also a great place to attach a boom.

Many ski pylons are tapered for aesthetic reasons. This narrowing of the diameter of the ski pylon, although it looks great, creates an area of the pylon that is useless for mounting a boom clamp.

If anyone ever made the mistake of putting the boom clamp on the tapered section of the ski pylon, it would never hold. Therefore the bend or contour of the boom, puts the clamp down below the taper on the ski pylon where it is safe to mount.

In order for a contour water ski boom to stay strong forever with all the bends and the leverage of water skiing, it must be constructed out of the best material. Years of product testing has shown that only high quality aircraft aluminum will best meet these demands.

Aircraft wings are strong, flexible, and will never weaken over time. This same technology is what makes for a great barefoot boom that will last forever. One of the requirements for a boom is that only the highest quality aircraft aluminum should be used. Many suppliers try to save money by using aircraft aluminum that is not the highest quality.

Here is one of the greatest insider tips I can give you to make sure that you are getting the right contour water ski boom for your boat. Number one, always make sure that you check to see that the inside section of your boom is solid aircraft aluminum. If you examine the inside section and find that it is hollow, then you know this manufacturer has cut corners during construction.

Another great insider tip is, always demand that your contour boom comes with a lifetime guarantee on all aluminum parts. The confidence of knowing that your boom was built to last forever will give you a great peace of mind knowing that your family and friends will be safe.

There are three different types of contour booms;

1. a single straight contour boom
2. a universal contour boom
3. the quad contour boom

To find out which boom you need, only speak with a contour boom specialist who has been factory trained in fitting contour booms specific to your boat type.

Never Purchase a Boom without Getting All the Facts about Barefoot Booms at World Barefoot Champion, Lane Dawg Bowers is passionate about helping you Be the Best Skier On Your Lake. Get your Free copy of his 200 page Barefoot Water Ski Tips E-book.


Are Tower Booms the Ultimate Solution for Your Boat?

One of the biggest revolutions in water skiing came when Correct Craft developed and patented the tower. A tower mounts onto the deck of a boat like a cage that allows the rope to be raised from 3-4 feet off of the water to 7 feet of the water. This upward pull makes a dramatic difference in how wakeboarders, kneeboarders, combo skiers, and barefooters feel when they are on the water.

This upward pull makes skiers feel lighter while having the added bonus of keeping the rope out of the way. The tower also can be accessorized to add racks, speakers, and lights that are the ultimate "pimping" accessories for your ride. All towers are designed to fold down so that a boat can pass under bridges or on highways if you so desire.

If you have one of these towers, you have a brand new option for adding a barefoot boom to your boat. Before the tower, the boom could only be attached to the ski pylon or onto the opposite gunnel. A tower boom is the biggest break-through in boom technology because it allows attachment to the tower directly.

Here are the benefits of having a tower boom;

1. it keeps the boom out of the boat thus freeing up space inside the boat

2. it folds up easily for storage

3. the telescoping extensions that secure it to the tower allow for raising and lowering it

4. it definitely looks cool

5. it puts the skier in a very safe position near the driver and has all the great benefits of dramatically speeding up the learning of any water skiing sport

6. it reduces injuries by adding an upward and stationary pull for the skier to hold onto

Tower Booms are designed to fit every tubular tower on the market. We guarantee that our Barefoot International Tower Boom will fit your tubular tower or your money back.

The tubing that tower manufacturers use comes in different "outer diameters." Knowing what this measurement is or knowing what year and tower manufacturer you have will be the only information you need to get the right tower boom.

Setting up the tower boom for the first time takes about an hour. You will need to mount the boom clamp on the rear leg of the tower as low as possible. In addition, there are two tower boom clamps that are mounted in a triangulated fashion to add an incredible amount of stability to the boom that is unparalleled in other types of booms.
Your tower boom will definitely be one of the most used pieces of equipment on your boat and it is designed to last forever. It is a big bonus having your ride rigged with the coolest equipment available that also helps you ski or teach like a pro.

Never Purchase a Boom without Getting All the Facts about Barefoot Booms at World Barefoot Champion, Lane Dawg Bowers is passionate about helping you Be the Best Barefooter On Your Lake. Get your Free copy of his 200 page Barefoot Water Ski Tips E-book.




Deluxe Single/Straight Contour Boom B201



Fits inboard and outboard competition ski boats with a side windshield forward of a
non-tapered pylon.

additional barefoot boom - B201 pictures

Deluxe Straight Boom B201

Click Here to see Boom Accessories


This order entitles you to Free Shipping inside the US and a credit of $44.99 towards
your next lesson
with Lane "Dawg" Bowers in sunny Winter Haven, Florida at The Footer's
Edge Training Center.

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