World Barefoot Champion Lane "Dawg" Bowers Instructional eBook Shows You...

“How To Be The Best Barefooter On Your Lake!”

"In This FREE eBook I'll show you how to be the best barefooter on your lake, with tips you can use every day"


   Winter Haven, Florida--

   If you have ever wanted to be the best barefooter on your lake, then this one-of-a-kind instructional eBook is just for you.

   The eBook is an action packed 170 pages long--43 chapters from beginning to advanced.

   It is set up progressively, so you'll start with the basics and move all the way through to the more advanced tricks.

   Everything is explained in precise detail so you can follow the instructions and test them out on your next training session.

   Here's just some of what you will discover:

   The easy way to do front deep water starts from the boom and from the long line.

   A simple 3-step mental checklist for getting every trick started.

   Learn the new technique so easy that even young girls can do front and back toe-ups!

   How to do front and back one-foots like the pros ...without killing yourself trying.

   The Lane "Dawg" secret to easy front and back toe-holds.

   How to be as solid on the long line as you are on the boom.

   The secret to making your back slalom look like a walk in the park. (Your friends will be jealous.)

   Learn the training secrets of the world's top three barefooters.

   The biggest mistake most barefooters make with their surface turns--and what to do about it. (You will kick yourself when you realize how often you are doing it!)

   How to ski three times stronger than you normally would ski.

   How and why good penmanship can improve your barefooting. (This is one of the most common elements of all world class athletes.)

   All the boom heights, boat speeds for boom and long line for every trick and element in the eBook... so you will never have to guess or experiment.

   Why good barefooters don't get hurt on their first ski of the year.

   How to tell which barefoot gear is worth the hype and which is junk.

   This is a no-holds-barred eBook, where I share with you lots of tips and techniques I know to make you the best barefooter on your lake.

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