"Be One of the First 10
No Fall Barefoot Instructors
in the World..."



Winter Haven, Florida...


What IF you could be one of the Best Barefoot Water Ski Instructors in the World?

The nay sayers and "player haters" are already murmuring to themselves that,

"there is no possible way that Lane 'Dawg 'could ever deliver on such a promise. There would simply be no way that an average Joe could even possibly hope to be as good an instructor as the 'pro instructors' at the ski schools in WaterSki Magazine."

What if I told you that not only is that possible, but that I would guarantee it?

Let's start by dealing with that promise.

How could ANYONE prove that one instructor was better than another instructor?

The answer is relatively simple. You would prove it by the ability to consistently teach students to barefoot water ski without taking hard falls.

Why is it that more of your friends, neighbors, or family, for example, aren't excited to try to learn to barefoot from you right now?

That too is not only simple, but unbelievably predictable. If your wife or kids have watched you fall really hard over and over again, why is it surprising that they do not want to fall in the same way?

Is it really surprising that your family or friends doubt your ability to teach them something that you are not showing them? In other words, if they do not see you barefoot consistently without falling, why should they be confident that they could barefoot water ski without falling.

When you hear it this way, it is not so hard to understand their thinking, is it? You should be proud of those smart cookies.

On the other hand, how excited would you be if you were guaranteed to be able to teach others to barefoot without falling by May 25, 2007? The really amazing thing is that you do not even need to know how to barefoot.

"What? Are you serious, Lane?"

Yes, I am.

I think we can all agree it is very rare the best athletes master the art of instruction. I know because I have trained with all the best barefooters and instructors in the world.

"Lane, how do you explain why all the best skiers are doing the most teaching?"

This is easy to explain. The upcoming skiers want to be great skiers. They decide that the best way to do this is by hanging around the best barefooters in hopes of achieving greatness.

The only problem is most of the best barefooters in the world have to teach for a living in order to be near the water for their own training.

The only way upcoming skiers can afford to hang around the top guys WITHOUT paying for it is to trade out their time by helping out in the ski schools.

This is called, "slave labor." The newbie has to wash, wax, pull weeds baby sit, do laundry, and teach.

Are they required to have any training or certification before they get to sit in the boat and teach others?


The fact is that all you need to do is be good with people and tell some good jokes and you can get into a boat and start teaching.

Hard to believe, but it is true.

How do I know this? Because this was basically the story of my barefooting career. It is well documented, and those of you that have known me a long time probably remember when I lived out of my car and traveled around the world in search of that endless calm water.

Now you can probably see why I am so confident that I can help you to become the best barefoot instructor on your lake…your city, your county, your state!

I have even gone far enough to guarantee that I can show you how to be better at teaching an absolute beginner than any other ski school in the world.

I guarantee it.

I am going to reveal to passionate few students how to teach my 'No Fall Barefoot Instruction program.'

If you are one of the first 10 people who respond to this offer today, here is what you can expect;

  • Learn the 7 magic words to say to any student that will earn their confidence in you as a teacher…even if it is your crying 7 year old
  • Learn the Lane 'Dawg' Bowers patented Take-Away Method for getting crying and scared kids to beg you to get back in the water
  • The simple technique for guaranteeing that your first student will barefoot on their very first attempt.
  • The Secret to adjusting your boom to ensure the safety of your student
  • The three biggest mistakes that all my competitors are making right now that keeps them from being as good as you are going to be 2007.
  • The power of email in making your students great barefooters
  • Your own website built by me that will make every one of your students successful before you even get to them. No one in the world is doing this except for me so you are going to be light years ahead of any other instructors
  • Driving tips that will give you the confidence and ability to keep barefooters safe
  • The 'back-off throttle technique for stopping barefoot falls before they happen
  • The only pre ski and after-ski follow-up method for keeping your students informed, motivated, and anxious to by gear…so that you earn money on every thing they buy without spending a dime on inventory!
  • My All-New No Fall Barefooting EBook (only available to members of this course) on YOUR site that you will give away Free to each student in order to get them so fired up that they will be begging to schedule a lesson with you.
  • Referrals from me whenever I am asked to recommend someone in their area…this happens all the time and I will even book them in for you!
  • The amazing feeling of confidence of knowing how to teach others to barefoot with the No Fall Barefooting Technique…you will being to get a reputation as the Pro in your area!

If this isn't enough incentive, I have just received confirmation that we will have some celebrities in attendance.

Woman's World Barefoot Champion (in all three events) Rachel George has been a student of mine for a decade and I am so psyched that she is willing to learn this method of teaching.

2 Time World Barefoot Champion and owner of Barefoot International, Mike Seiple, was so excited when I told him about this course, that he has cleared his schedule to be here.

Banana George Blaire is expected to make an appearance, as well. Those of you who have skied with me know how much he tries to get in the boat with us.

In addition, you will receive DVD's of the classroom instruction portions of the course so that you can review and perfect your skills.

The dates of the first ever No Fall Barefoot Instruction course is May 21-25, 2007. It is a 5-day course and will include lunches at Rocco's Sports Cafe'. There will be time for you to do some of your own barefooting as well.

You are welcome to video any and all of the course so that you have your own personalized video to go along with the DVD's you will receive after the course.

By the way, I will make sure there is plenty of time for you to get some barefooting in as well since you will be surrounded by great water conditions!

Enroll now to ensure that you become The Next Great Barefoot Instructor!

$1199.00 (U.S.)

(A 50% deposit is required to reserve your spot)

If you would prefer to call us directly, you can call toll free 1-877-685-6270, ext. 8 or call direct at 863 557-8871 between 8am and 6pm EST.

Once you have signed up, I will be sending you my exclusive EBook for you to study before coming down. There will be some studying to do before you arrive, but don't worry, it is exciting!