Most Common Barefoot Questions

Front One-Foots

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1. How come I am getting so much spray?
2. Why do I feel like I am sinking?
3. What equipment do I need?
4. Are Puppy Paws helpful?
5. Is there any way to practice before getting on the water?
6. How much speed do I need?

1. How come I am getting so much spray?

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If you want to learn great one-foot tricks, there is a new leading edge technology that can make you great... the principle of "ankles and angles"!

Good "ankles" means having a good glide with your knees over or slightly in front of your ankle bone. How then can you lift up the other foot without pushing on your supporting foot? I'm glad you asked! The key is in your "angles".

When I say "angles" I will be referring to the combination of identical "angles" in your hips, shoulders, and handle. Think of your hips, shoulders, and handle as being three separate planes or lines that are all parallel to the water in a two-foot position. In other words, the distance between your right hip joint and the water surface is the same as the distance between your left hip joint and the water surface.

Regardless of whether you are attempting a front or back one-foot there is no difference in the movement of the three angles. First of all, you must start and maintain a gliding position if you want to do this without exploding from strain!
Before raising the boat speed, practice creating angles in the three areas by first tilting the handle so that the hand over the foot you are being supported by is 8-12 inches lower than your other hand. As you do this, make sure that your hips and shoulders are mimicking the handle angle exactly.

WARNING: As with any new trick, always practice the maneuvers on land and then on shoe skis before attempting them on your feet! I highly recommend purchasing and studying our 2-hour instructional video ( ) as a guide.

 Let me know how you do!! Email me your success stories!

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2. How come I feel like I am sinking?

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Click HERE to see some pictures of the proper foot position! (#2,8,9,10)

Sinking is a feeling that is created from not haveing enough foot on the water. This is fixed by adjusting your foot position.

Well there my barefootin' buddy, this is going to be short, but could be one of the biggest helps for you in attaining that super light feeling on the water that is so critical for achieving success as the difficulty increases. I was going to write about surface turns and decided to postpone until I finished this tip as it is quintessential to surface turns, one foots, three-points, jumping, and everything in barefooting with the possible exception of front slalom and endurance barefooting!

I just finished a 10 day road trip and I find myself showing people everyday how to get the ULTIMATE MEGA GLIDE (U.M.G) every time I open my mouth. I realized that there are only only a hand full of barefooters out of every 1000 that truly have achieved this level of mastery that is so important to tapping into your miracle that we are aiming for!!!

My newest discovery is a shocking one. I noticed that when people "lift their toes" they simultaneously "push the ball of there foot" down! (Try this out as you are practicing your dry land drills.

Note: Just so we are all on the same page, the ball of your foot is the callused part just behind the toes that should not be in the water in the forwards position!

I found that people who dry land practice with their foot flat on the ground in a forwards position, are not getting the true feeling of the U.M.G. This is critical in dry land practice as it will most likely transfer the muscle memory to the water. The only way to really get the true feeling of the U.M.G is to dry land with the front of your foot flexed upward as much as possible so that your foot is at an upward angle.

To illustrate this principle, practice the following; sit on the edge of a chair or the gunnels of the boat, pull your heels back behind your knee so that there is a slight forward angle to your shin bone, Your foot should be flat on the ground here. Now, without lifting your toes (stop lifting those toes!), lift the ball of your foot towards your shin bone until you feel your shin muscle flexing. You should be able to lift the entire front of your foot off the surface of whatever you are practicing without moving your toes.

"But Lane Dawg, this is making my dig my heals into the water!" The truth of the matter is that the foot does sink into the water some what as it is not as hard as the land. The foot is not really ever "flat on the water," but at an angle. The key is to find the U.M.G. angle. This is a shocking revelation! What I find most people doing regardless of the level of skiing is to keep there heels out in front of their knees and then "lift their toes while dropping the ball of their foot." This gives them the feeling that they have flattened their foot and put the water line near the ball of their foot where it SHOULD be. The problem with this is that the weight of your body is too far behind the water line. The other Major problem is that if you get used to this type of foot angle, it will carry over into your backwards skiing which will end up making you "gas pedal." "Gas pedaling" is where you push the ball of your foot forwards as if you were accelerating in a car. In backwards barefooting, it makes you ski on a very small part of your foot which causes tons of problems which effect every area of your skiing.

If you are not backwards barefooting yet, be really happy you are learning this now because it will make stage two (see instructional video) tremendously easier!

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3. What equipment do I need?

I believe that the very basics for barefooting are as follows;

This is a CRITICAL time to begin using the best shoe-skis on the planet, the Puppy Paws! The reason for this is because you can go much slower while you perfect your form. The higher speeds required for this skill can cause pretty brutal falls if you are on your feet before you have perfected your form. The Puppy Paws will be worth their weight in gold once you try them!

You can sue either a wakes handle (Wakes Handle - B223) or if you are going to work on one-foots, then it is only a matter of time before you will need a trick handle (Front-Toe Handle - B219).

#1 The best barefoot wetsuit you can afford. I believe the best wetsuit on the market is Barefoot International's Iron Man wetsuit. I personally wear this suit and guarantee it to be at least 30% more protection than any other suit. It is an enormous advantage. You can see these suits and receive the best pricing anywhere along with free shipping by clicking here!

#2 I also believe that you MUST use padded shorts and that the best shorts out there are the Iron Man shorts. I unconditionally guarantee these shorts to be the best shorts of any kind in bare foot water skiing.

I highly recommend getting the best boom on the market since this also is a major safety issue. The Barefoot International boom and Fligh High extended pylon are the best out there. I also guarantee these to be the best out there.

Although I do not normally start barefooters out on shoe skis, it is critical to learning the more advanced tricks and are an absolute must for the serious barefooter. The Dawg Paws are the best shoe skis on the planet and I also have a less expensive shoe ski which you can see by visiting our Pro Shop.

If you have specific questions about any equipment, please submit them on the form below and I will post the answers here!

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4. Are Puppy Paws helpful?

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YES! I would never let a friend, loved one or relative try one-foots without mastering them on the Puppy Paws and I hope you also follow my advice so that I can help you stay safe and learning in the safest and most efficient manner.

Buy the video, master the dry land practice before taking to the water!

With this mastered, you may take to the water with more confidence and preparation than I ever had when I was learning. While others rip their heads off, you will foot with the quiet confidence of a Jedi Warrior
(Star Wars reference)!

You can get a 7 Day FREE Trial Membership of My Virtual
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Is there any way to practice before getting on the water?

The more difficult the trick, the more critical it is that you get a game plan and practice it BEFORE going to the water! This is the single major difference between those who succeed and those who take an unnecessary beating in barefooting!

Your very first investment in your success should be my 2 hour instructional video which I guarantee to be the best you have ever seen or it is free!

If you want another major advantage, sign-up for my Virtual Ski School to get monthly updates on video!

I am a huge believer in "dry land practice" to maximize success so you should read the following articles to get an unfair advantage over your buddies who will probably just beat themselves trying it the hard way!

NFTE#3 Ankles and Angles

NFTE#14 Ultra Mega Glide

NFTE#17 Tigger the Tiger

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6. How much speed do I need?

Use this formula: your weight divided by 10 and then add 21mph.

For a 180lb person you would calculate a good starting speed by dividing 180 by 10 which equals 18. Then add 21 to the 18 to get 39 mph.

If this speed feels too slow, then your form is incorrect. Please read my articles on Posture and Glide in my Trauma Center.

If you were my personal friend, I would not let you attempt barefooting without first watching my 2 hour instructional video and NFTE#61 Great 3-Point and Six Pack available for members of my Virtual Ski School! Your success will be 10 times greater than without these tools! I guarantee it with a money back guarantee!

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Email me with your progress. I am expecting a miracle for you!

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