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This page is dedicate to the most famous barefoot water skier in the world...Banana George Blair. Banana George is a friend, a mentor, and barefoot water skiing's best ambassador to the world.

The reason I created this page is because I would like everyone who enjoys barefooting to get to know our most famous ambassador. I am not going to tell his complete story here. I am just giving an introduction and homage to great barefooter, an inspirational friend, a magnanimous supporter of barefoot water skiing, and a great barefooter that I am lucky enough to know personally.

One great pleasure I have is introducing my students to Banana George. George is ageless (at 87 years old in 2002), but he will not be with us forever. I feel compelled to take advantage of our close proximity (we live on the same lake) and the time that my students have while in Winter Haven to meet "the man, the myth, the legend."

It is invigorating enough to be down here in paradise making your own miracles happen, but to be able to top that off with a visit with George is priceless! George has been know on occasion to even make it out for a ski if he so desires, and the path is cleared whenever he does! The cameras are snapping, the videos are running, and the smiles are unstoppable! It truly seems like paradise when you get to see the Banana man ski up close and personal!

Click here to see a glimpse of George's famous home and the more infamous ping pong room where a lifetime of unbelieveable momentos will sometime become a museum unto itself! Click on the bananas to meet George for yourself!


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Banana George
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